Make a Difference

Help Us Protect Antigua Guatemala’s Natural and Cultural  Resources

At Pensativo House Hotel, we’re committed to protecting and preserving the vital natural and cultural resources of Guatemala for generations to come. We employ an innovative program of sustainability initiatives to conserve energy and water and minimize our impact on the local environment. 

These programs include: 

  • Cards on rooms inviting you to reduce water use, re-use towels and turn off the lights when leaving
  • Switching from incandescent lights to energy-saving LED lights
  • Waste recycling programs
  • Minimizing air conditioning use through the use of fans
  • Converting to energy-efficient LED TVs

To know more about our actions to help promoting sustainable tourism in Guatemala, please read our Code of Conduct, our position regarding respect for children, responsible tourism and Quality and Sustainability Policy.

Please join us in our efforts during your next visit!